This e-commerce site offers a variety of decorative and functional items for interior decor and appreciation that are vintage, mid-century, antique or otherwise collectible , which have a certain appeal and claim to your attention. We are not interested in and you will not find here the merely trendy, the faddish, the flashy or the fraudulent.


What you will find here are crystal, art glass, wall hangings, decorator plates, china and porcelain, books and postcards, statuary and objets d’art. You will find (as we load in our inventory) Baccarat, Lalique, St Louis crystal, Satsuma, Royal Doulton, Limoges, collector plates from Hibel to Jingdezhen to Knowles, among many other items.


You will find a continuum of prices and interests. Many of these we have gathered the old-fashioned way , before the internet, during our pre-retirement years, at auctions, flea markets, yard sales, at shops and bazaars.


We guarantee that everything is as described.


What you will NOT find here is misdescription and misrepresentation. We will not tell you something is Lalique if it isn’t, regardless of how it is signed. We will not describe an item as Satsuma from periods past if it is pottery produced last week and newly arrived on our shores from the merchants of Ali-Baba in China. We will not present a sculpture as acrylic when it is actually some kind of shiny cheap composite. We will not tell you something is ivory when it is actually a beige resin.


Nor will we shortcut on descriptions. While many of our items have been around for a while (hence vintage or antique or mid-century), any imperfection beyond the wear, if any, of aging will be specifically disclosed in text description as well as appearing in the pictures. We do not sell items that are chipped or cracked or broken. If an item has scratches or small flaking or other shortcoming beyond the normal of age (generally in an out of the way place) it is fully disclosed. We will not tell you – or hint, suggest or imply -something is an etching, engraving or lithograph when it is a picture or a print.


As part of our commitment to authenticity a substantial portion of our blog posts will deal in one degree or another with the Art of the Fake. You will also find access to resources we have found useful.


For further information, please see our Shipping and Return Policies.


Finally, please keep in mind this website is a work-in-progress, as are we. We add items at least twice-weekly. If you have any questions or comments or additional information on anything we have to offer or what we say please do not hesitate to contact us.