And So It Begins



This e-commerce site edges its way out onto the business stage this 1st day of April a little like Shakespeare’s Richard III, not yet fully formed, scarce half made-up. Or in the case here, a lot less than half


That today is both Easter and April Fool’s Day, a conjunction I do not remember before in my lifetime, seems some kind of omen. What the meaning of that omen is remains to be seen.


One thinks of the time of Easter, and spring in general, as a time of beginnings, growth, emergence.


And the April Fools part? A spirit of fun perhaps, in the posts. But in the items themselves there are no pranks or tricks when it comes to you getting what is presented. No shell game, loose descriptions, bait and switch, or downright mislabeling here.


What we take seriously is that you get what you expect to get . Inauthenticity cheapens all it seeps into, and this is just as true in the realm of objects which should enhance our world as anything else.


So our first posting after this will be an overview of deception framed in terms of intent; a survey map laying out the various frames of mind from which deception presents itself. One approach among many, but a starting point in any event.


And after that? Topics, like the moments of spring, will emerge in surprises. Posts will come at least once a week, new inventory a lot more.


Let’s move on.



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